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Amy also noted the ease of folding the bike and then carrying it down subway stairs, through turnstiles , and onto the train . She also evaluated any luggage-/cargo-carrying options, as well as how compactly and securely each bike folded—to fit under a desk or into a car trunk or closet. Anyone who wants to ride a bike without the bulky hassle of lugging and storing a full-size model may want to consider a folding bike. As you might imagine, with a category like folding bikes, selecting a pick that’s truly one-size-fits-all is pretty much impossible. After all, not only are people different sizes physically, but they also ride for a variety of reasons. For the 2021 update, we also considered the casual rider and, especially, recreational-vehicle owners, since many riders may have room for only one bike—even folding.

It’s easy to learn but a bit tedious in repetition. To be fair, the Roavs definitely fold the flattest and perfectly fit your front pocket. If there was a better way to describe how much I LOVE my bike I’d use it LOL. I got my bike in May 2016 as a birthday gift from my fiance.

My rule for seeing no more than one logo at a time does not work here at all. The bike certainly has a presence and I’ve gotten a few thumbs ups while stopped at a light next to a MINI. The highlighter green paint and massive MINI logo stand out of the crowd – so don’t park this bike in shady neighborhoods. ✔️ we provide a 100% risk free money back guarantee. All orders keep company with free shipping and free returns.

Citizen Bike offers a variety of folding and portable bicycles to suit all types of uses and budgets. If you’re looking for budget conscious folder to a lightweight commuter, Citizen Bike has a bike for your lifestyle. Learn more about choosing the most appropriate model for you. Everything you need to accessorize you and your Citizen folding bike – helmets, racks, fenders, seats & more.

I also find it interesting how the bike is a much more modern gesture than the forced retro appearance of its automotive counterparts. Perfect sunglasses, love how they fold and easily fit in my purse. I love the light-weight Foldies, Milano style. They are stylish, but with an excellent price point. With thousands of pairs sold, Foldies remain the only folding sunglasses that average a five star rating. Stands by our product quality and offers returns, refunds, and exchanges.

So we also wanted to be sure our picks were comfortable for most riders if a longer journey was needed. People who are starting to commute again may want to skip the most-crowded part of their journey by getting off a few stops early and riding the last few miles to work. Or they may hope to ride most days and resort to transit only if the weather is awful. Otherwise, all other aspects of the ride are great. I experimented with using both manual and automatic lighting modes and found the auto setting to do a really good job of detecting light levels and auto-adjusting.

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It’s easy to assemble even right out of the box. Here, you can see the Tern’s unusual adjustable stem, which attaches the handlebars to the frame of the bike. For the 2021 update, Duncan tested the Dahon Mariner D8, Brompton M6R, Tern Link D8, Tern BYB P8, and Decathlon B Twin Tilt 500. He tested them all on the same 17-mile loop, to see how our picks compared to these updated and new models on longer rides . In 2017 Amy tested our initial group of bikes in New York City.

All of our picks have a rear rack with a flat top and bungee cords. We think a versatile city bike should always be ready to accept a load, even one you might not have expected to carry. If you plan to use panniers (those saddlebag-looking pouches) with the Mariner D8’s rear rack, Dahon recommends using ones intended for the front of a bike.