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Yes, from that same company that brings you sustainable machine washable shoes, they have a chic line of bags to meet all your needs! Using 100% recycled materials, this bag is made from sustainable marine plastic . In addition to its shoe line, the brand just launched an equally eco-friendly—and chic—handbag and accessory line to meet all your carrying needs. Rothy’s new handbag collection features five stunning silhouettes—The Handbag, The Essential Tote, The Dual-Zip Crossbody, The Catchalls, and The Essential Pouch. Each style is available in multiple colors, from classic neutrals for everyday to bolder shades for a fun pop of color.

Styles are made with a mix of marine plastic — a new material for Rothy’s — and its signature upcycled plastic bottle knit. It sounds too good to be true, but the best part is that just like the brand’s cult-favorite flats, you can also pop these bags in the washer . Simply remove the insert and place it in the provided washing bag along with the handbag, and throw it in the washer on the delicate cycle. Just like that, you’ve got a sparkling new handbag — your wallet will thank you. Below, check out our favorite picks from the new must-have Rothy’s handbag collection — including what we’re calling the official royal handbag.

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The handbags are made from the same knit material and knitting process as the footwear. However, the sustainably knit material for these bags is a blend of its post-consumer single-use plastic water recycled bottle yarn and recycled plastic collected within 30 miles of coastlines. The ocean plastic, including plastic water bottles, is then recycled similar to other plastic products. The only difference is that the plastic extracted from the seawater in the ocean weakens the plastic, allowing it to be used to make these trendy and environmentally friendly handbags. There are five styles to choose from, some of which include a tote bag, a crossbody, and some handy-dandy packable pouches.

And with the dawn of spring on the horizon, we’ve been waiting to find out whatever new must-have item will take over our closets. A strong contender came barreling in this Super Tuesday and its not a flash-in-the-pan candidate either — this tote’s got legs. The Rothy’s handbag hits cyber shelves today and it’s a purchase you can feel good about for the next four years and beyond. Last month Rothy’s had their huge sale, but everything was also final sale.

Overall, I’d say this is a solid bag at first glance. If I weren’t still using my Everlane Form bag, I would consider getting it. The Handbag certainly is not cheap at $350 – but similarly to Rothy’s shoes, it’s a comparable price and trade-off for sustainable materials. You want to look for a bag that is made of high-quality materials. Having a bag that can fit all of your items is great, but not if the straps break under the weight. You also want to consider how easy the material would be to clean.

All this, and it is one of the best-looking shoes we’ve seen in a while. Here’s a comparison picture next to the Everywhere Belt Bagwhich I absolutely love. It can hold so much more and best bang for your buck. Speaking of cost,The Belt Bagruns a whopping $165 vs $38 for Lululemon’s Everywhere Belt Bag. While the Rothy’s version definitely looks way more sophisticated and timeless, I couldn’t justify the cost.

If you love the brand’s OG aesthetic and ethical practices, it’s safe to say you’re about to invest in a few new bags. Ranging in price from $65 to $350, you can shop the entire range now on the Rothy’s sitenow, and check out the lineup below. Like the brand’s shoes, Rothy’s bags are made using 100 percent recycled plastic yarn. Much of the material is actually ocean-bound marine plastic collected within 30 miles of coastlines, doing an extra dose of good for the environment. To date, Rothy’s has recycled 66,084,775 plastic water bottles in its products.

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Most importantly, the Handbag fits a newer 13” Macbook Pro or Macbook! Though the bag is unzipped in the photo below, I was able to zip it closed with no problem. This makes it acceptable as a workbag if you have a small-ish sized computer.