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The metal logo is a bit scratched but only because I am really clumsy. The zipper gets time to get used to, but now it is my “easy” everyday bag. You can purchase additional straps from Marc Jacobs and customise to your heart’s content. The bold design is a big part of the look of the bag, and having such a broad strap makes it very comfortable to wear.

marc jacobs snapshot bag review

The leather feels very high quality and the strap is the perfect length. You can definitely bring this out to a fancy dinner or just as easily use it when youre in sweats. There is a small inside pocket and a small outside pocket .

The Snapshot starts at $295 via “THE SOFTSHOT 21” is a bag that can be used widely from casual to elegance. This bag is made of soft, high quality leather, so it’s easy to put items in and out. Moreover, there’re double compartments, so it is very convenient to organize luggage. Place makeup items on one side and wallet, iPhone, earphone key…on the other side.

The crossbody bag has chunky hardware details that catch the eye & the light and make sure the small body of the Snapshot is secured to the adjustable shoulder strap. The hardware is engraved with logo details, so if you ever want to just attach the shoulder strap to another bag, you can still enjoy a signature touch. Meeting the tough ask of versatility, functionality and affordability, the Snapshot collection of bags by Marc Jacobs is clearly a trend.

We’ve also included our favorite handbags, best-sellers and other accessories from both designers. The removable strap allows you to carry the bag as a clutch , and if you have other straps in your collection you can change out the camo strap so it looks like a new bag. At under $300, I am shocked at how high quality the saffiano leather and hardware feel. But let’s not tell Marc Jacobs that they could be charging more.