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Even today, the classic version in Monogram Canvas is somewhat a holy grail rarely available in boutiques or on the brand’s website. I completely appreciate these luxury items are very highly-priced but when you stack Louis Vuitton up against the likes of Chanel or Dior they’re not so unreasonably priced. In terms of size, the Pochette Metis is comparable to a Chanel Medium Classic Flap in at 5k plus, or a medium Lady Dior at over 3k. I do feel that this bag is worth the investment and if you’re considering a Pochette Metis I’m here to tell you that it’s a fabulous bag. At the time of writing this, the current price of this bag is £1670.

I had my eye on this bag for the longest time, throughout university and also after graduation. A friend of mine bought the bag in black, but I wanted it in either the red or the blue. I loved this bag, and it took a lot of effort to find it because Holt Renfrew didn’t order it in either the red or the blue. This is an amazing size for work, and it does carry a ton of stuff in its three compartments. Due to the type of leather and the hardware, this bag is quite heavy once filled with stuff. I don’t use this that often anymore, so recently I also decided to ultimately gift this to my mom.

I walked into a Louis Vuitton in San Francisco, excited about my big purchase but also nervous at the cost. Maybe I was naive for expecting luxury service in a luxury store – because that’s absolutely not what I got. I’ve owned the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis in my handbag collection before and loved it. Before I start, just to mention, I bought my Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis replica from the PerfectImitation. And buying the replica from the site was quite a smooth experience. It was a matter of just a few days that I got my favorite bag at my doorstep.

louis vuitton pochette metis review

For example, if you have the Louis Vuitton Favorite in monogram, you can use your Pochette Métis strap instead of the vachetta strap that comes with the Favorite. One additional aspect which, in my view, makes the bag a worthy investment is the price. I think everyone would be in agreement that Louis Vuitton bags are, by no stretch of imagination, cheap. Louis Vuitton bags are certainly not in the same sphere of unattainability as Hermes or Chanel, even despite the frequent and, occasionally, ill-judged price increases.

Of course they we’re far out of my reach and unobtainable for a kid that grew up in a middle-class family. Fast forward to my twenties and I’m now in the position to start purchasing luxury goods. I knew I wanted a good quality handbag but, it was definitely a challenge deciding which one I’d choose. Since Louis Vuitton is such an iconic designer it made sense to look at them first. I was a bit worried that the ripped box would dictate how the bag would be, and I’m so glad that wasn’t the case! There are no broken spots or poor quality design aspects that I can see, and I hope it stays that way.