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I wasn’t expecting much considering I got these for around £25 but the quality is great! The material is thick and sturdy, the interior has multiple compartments and the hardware is lovely. It’s also holding up really well considering the brown one has been my everyday bag for months. It still looks barely used and the gold embossed logo on the front hasn’t faded at all. It’s also worth noting that these bags are made from vegan leather and recycled plastic. Became aware of the brand after seeing it featured on both US & UK Vogue’s website & thought one of their bags would make a great present for my 21 yr old niece.

jw pei reviews

I fell in love with the shape instantly and own the bag in a lime green color. Because I’m extra, I also got the tiny version of the same exact bag for $59 and often attach it to the OG for drama. Even though months have passed, we still can’t help but want to hop on some good bag trends. What else are we going to wear to drink wine in our living room with our roommates for the thousandth day in a row? Then again, while trends are always fun, it’s always a bit hard to rationalize buying into one when you don’t know if it will stand the test of time. That’s where JW PEI, the best bag brand you haven’t heard of yet, comes in.

I know it’s been forever , but I’m back you guys!!! This time, I’m writing in the middle of a very unproductive day, since Hong Kong is back to WFH mode again. If you still wondering about buying a black bag, then my advice is you definitely should take a look at JW PEI quinn collection. You are free to choose whatever bag style you want. It has to be a perfect complement to your outfit. Below, check out some of the cutest Sinbono bags you can buy now.

It has been 30 days since it has been in transit and still no update since nov.13. Thanks for the $5 dollar off but I am more concerned about the package. I should’ve conducted more research on this company before purchasing the purses. I warn future customers that they will likely go through what I am going through right now if they ended up purchasing an item from them.

All the handbags are made from vegan leather and recycled plastic bottles, which I think is awesome for sustainability. I guess I was one of the luckiest ones with this company. I placed a pretty big order at the beginning of March and received everything 2.5 weeks later. Yes, delivery takes time but you need to understand that you order from China and it is normal. I had a good experience with their customer service, they were polite and helpful. They seem a bit smaller than on the pictures and brown leather looks a bit more purple but they are beautiful, amazing quality and I am usually super picky.