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I think it will do a good job of holding your stuff in when you are traveling lightly. I do view this as more of an occasional bag for myself – mostly due to the color and very luxurious overall look. I worry it may be a bit delicate for everyday use, if that’s what you’re wondering, but I think it’s great for date nights with my husband or girls’ night out. The factory photos and PSP look very cool toned but your pictures look more bronze. I just got my lady dior mini from Vivi and I’m obsessed as well. My pre owned medium Lady Dior bag purchase from Fashionphile.

lady dior review

Price-wise, this bag is expensive, but you’re paying for the name and the timeless yet classic elegant style. For the color, I’ve always wanted my own Lady Dior bag to be something bright since I envisioned myself to be carrying this bag for most of the Summer, and the Rose Eclair shade is just perfect for that. However, in the future, I would also like to have this bag in black which is so perfect for Fall and Winter. Anyway, there are different colors and sizes for this bag. For me, the best size is this medium standard Lady Dior, which is not too big and not too small, and it can fit several things without looking overstuffed or feeling too heavy. This size is considered a standard medium like the original Lady Dior.

In fact, the bag has been renamed to My ABC Dior, which is the one I have. I promised I would tell you the history behind this iconic bag, so here goes. In 1995, Lady Diana was visiting Paris for a Cezanne exhibition and the First Lady of France at the time, Mme. Bernardette Chirac presented this iconic bag to Lady Diana as a gift. Following this episode, Lady Diana was seen carrying the bag multiple times and her being elegance impersonated, it was only apt for the house of Dior to rename the bag as Lady Dior.

Prices are going up quickly right now on designer brands like Chanel and Christian Dior bags so the sooner you buy the better. The Lady Dior is one of Dior’s most recognized and bestselling styles, it gracefully puts a modern-day twist on the house’s long-standing heritage. From its royal namesake to practicality matters, we delve into the bag’s anatomy and history. You can also get it the bag in various newer versions like velvet, printed calfskin and embroidered material.

The more I delved into the history and construction of this bag, the more impressed I became. Unfortunately we do not authenticate handbags that we do not sell. This Dior Authentication Guide in most cases, if followed closely, is very helpful. Christian Dior stopped making handbags in France in 1990.

The Lady Dior bag is one of those truly iconic bags – like the Chanel Classic Flap or the Hermes Birkin – that has been around for years. And it never looks dated or out of style – it’s an elegant bag with a classic, aristocratic feel to it. In a world where people complain more and more that the quality of luxury bags is declining , Dior seems to stand apart with their continued commitment to the beauty and artistry of the luxury designer bag. I feel like this bag will still hold onto a lot of the monetary value in regards to the price I paid for it as long as it is kept in great condition simply because of its “It-Bag” status.

The accompanying shoulder strap is adjustable, comfortable, and the perfect length for my 5’4” frame, but I do harbor a small feeling that it was designed kind of as an afterthought. Lady Dior bags don’t have a designated spot for the clasps to hook on to but instead are attached to the handle rings. This is a bit irksome because although the strap is comfortable to wear, the thought of metal rubbing against metal doesn’t sit right with me. All Dior bags contain a leather date tag stitched into the bag. On some Lady Dior bags you will find the date code heat printed into a leather tag inside of the internal zippered pocket. On others you will find the date code heat printed onto the back side of the ‘Christian Dior’ leather tag attached right outside of the internal pocket.

I had even bought some conditioner to use on my Celine belt bag and thought I may try conditioning this before spraying it. I performed a test patch of the Collonil creme de luxe on half of the inside of the flap. It seemed like it did nothing – which to me, meant that the material was so supple and smooth that it needed no conditioner at all!

The princess ordered one in every color and by 1996, the bag was officially renamed as Lady Dior. This elegant Dior handbag has truly stood the test of time, since its conception in 1994 when it was first named ChouChou, meaning ‘favorite’ in French. Dune is part of my collection and is often the perfect choice for many occasions.

I just know that it’ll scratch and I need to take care of it. I also went for a matte leather as I personally don’t like patent. Personally I prefer the more elegant, refined and low key original leather Lady Dior bag without the name across the front. Investing in a new handbag that’s on the pricier side is a big decision. No one wants to have buyers remorse or end up with a bag they don’t want to use. Yes, there’s reselling it or somewhere like Fashionphile or The Real Real but you rarely get back what you paid for it.