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Other than that, they are well-regarded for sub-$100 bags. BTW—you can often locate a promo code for eBags that takes the price down to $70. I bought the junior sized bag thinking it would be more friendly to my frame.

The straps are the same size on both bags; it was the center of balance on my body. I liked the Junior better, though; sadly, returned it . Apart from the main compartment, there is a front compartment that has many organizational pockets. There is a spot for your cell phone, your pens, and your notebook. The front compartment lining can be extended to fit into the top pocket for more room.

The former seemed to look like it has more slots/pockets than needed for leisure travel. I’m not going to carry a laptop, so not concerned with the best option for that. It needs to be reasonably comfortable for carrying on my back, sometimes for a half hour to an hour. Anatomie – Anatomie travel pants come with luxury prices, but they offer many benefits for travelers. For me, the straps are not so long that they are a problem. I suppose either it just doesn’t bother me or I’ve got it adjusted a bit different than you.

ebags mother lode

I am excited to share my thoughts on my bag, the eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible. Their customers still have to take their laptops out of their backpacks in a security line. The TLS Weekender also lacks pockets that you can reach while wearing your bag.

All large components of this bag are accessible from the outside, but eBags does a good job of providing accessibility without making the exterior of the bag look too busy. The polyester fabric feels plasticky, but I can confirm that this material holds up very well. After all that I put my Mother Lode through, it doesn’t have a single visible rip or tear.

Not sure if you can secure it around your waist but my 75 year old mother used this pack while traveling abroad last fall and had no issues. That’s when I found out that better bags are designed to have better suspension systems. My new bag was way more comfortable than the eBags weekender. It was also 1.3 lbs lighter but with the same features.

Large Front Pocket Holds Tons of GearThere is a large pocket on the top here, with a lockable zipper, which is easily big enough for a camera. As well as a small front slash pocket, which is good for non-valuables. This front organizational compartment has several smaller, zippered pockets inside of it. But the main pocket is large enough to store a jacket, or other large bulky items. I cannot overstate how valuable this bag has been to me over the years.

I also much prefer spinners, ever since I bought my first one 4 years ago. If you have any questions regarding these two backpacks, please leave a comment below. As a less experienced one bagger, you may be able to handle 30 liters on the first try.