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This way if the hat flies back, it’s still secured by your hair. No more looking like a fool chasing my hat around on a windy day, lol. Also now I know I won’t accidentally lose this hat, making this a quality piece worth spending some money on ($75 for a straw hat is nothing to sneeze at).

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And despite the soft malleable leather, I think you would get some creasing if you wore it that way consistently, which could affect how it looked when wearing it “open”. The one thing that the tie does afford you though, is a little more security. It’s an open top bag without any other fastenings, which really is just an invitation for pickpockets – though thankfully this isn’t something that I’ve encountered living in Sydney. The interior pocket does have a zip closure which is roomy enough to fit keys, a wallet (I’m using this one from Charlotte Olympia) and an iPhone 8 Plus, so at the bare minimum, your essentials will be safe. Having previously owned the Classic Leather Tote, I knew that this time around, I was after something with a little bit more structure to it.

“I can stick my whole yoga mat in there,” one tester told us. And its shoulder strap extends to 40 inches, double the strap length of most totes we tested. You can adjust it to use the bag over your shoulder or carry it on your back, or you can use the short handles to carry it like a briefcase. Last week I reviewed both Cuyana’s poplin shirt dress and Everlane’s poplin square shirt dress. And today I’ll be reviewing the poplin dress I liked the most, Everlane’s cotton poplin V-neck tank dress in washed black.

And I don’t get why bag makers can’t put a dam magnetic button and a zipper on the bag!!!! So one can use either depending on which one we need at a certain time. Cuyana is dedicated to creating high-quality non-trendy pieces that will last a lifetime.

The leather isn’t scratched, the color is still vibrant, the zipper is still sturdy and shiny, and the handles are strong and show no obvious signs of wear. The thing is, I’ve put this carry-all through bag hell. I’ve stuffed it to the gills with gym clothes and work books. It’s doubled as a grocery tote and carried home bottles of wine.