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I mean, book tote bags are often incredibly inexpensive. That said – when we’re looking at the Traveler Canvas Tote as a Dior Book Tote dupe, the price is a major pro. The Traveler Canvas Tote is thousands of dollars cheaper than the Book Tote. The Small Dior Book Tote, for example, is often priced around $3,100 USD. You get a whole lot more bag for the $195 Traveler Canvas Tote than you do for a $3K+ small book tote. Like most tote bags, the Catherine tote is definitely an everyday bag which is ideal for carrying your stuff around.

While the price has since increased almost 1.5 x since it was made available for sale in 2018 , the Book Tote in the standard #DiorOblique has completely sold out in Singapore. You will have to place a 50% deposit and join the queue in order to secure a piece. That said, Singapore has also begun taking in orders for both the Mini and Small, which will be progressively launched in the months to come. If you need a recap of the sizes and dimensions (as well as the prices in SGD for the classic versions in #DiorOblique canvas), read on to find out more. Having achieved commercial success overnight, it has also created ultra-long waitlists just for fans to get their hands on one.

However, you should still be cautious. Since its release, Louis Vuitton Onthego has been included in the limited collections of the brand. So if you are craving to add a new piece to your collection of rare luxury purses, this might be the right call. The Book Tote was inspired by a drawing produced by Marc Bohan in 1967, which was located in the House’s archives.

Now, comes the packing… and my favorite part, selecting the bags. I played around with the new tote to discover that it was far more spacious than expected. The Book Tote definitely fits a Birkin 30 with sufficient room to spare. The excess space was not in the width of the bag but rather on both sides of the Birkin.

dior book tote review

All the details of the perfect Dior Book Tote dupe. So naturally I went on a hunt for the perfect Dior Book Tote dupe and found one in the Marc Jacobs Traveler Canvas Tote. FWIW, I have the exact same opposite of spending issues that you do and it’s so tough to navigate in a relationship. I am a proud Leo the Lion born on August 17th. Never really noticed that there are actual animals depicted on these bags.

The handle shape looks good to me, but as far as appearance go, this bag will most definitely need a twilly due to the wrong handle embroidery. Luckily, Dior has a matching zodiac mitzah scarf, probably for this exact reason. (-0.25) | The embroidery is too thin in some parts and too thick in other parts. The auth was a lot more even, which adds to that luxurious hand feel.