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I am a regular customer of Shein. They have a lot of monthly deals. Seems like they have copied the clothing from others.

The boots are going straight into the trash as soon as I receive them. I refuse to wear products from such a company.Total crock. Racists, insensitive, and disrespectful. People should know a company’s policies, before doing business with them. No one should do business with these clowns.

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This is probably to help the overall design, it’s just a bit annoying when you’re thirsty. The way to combat this is by purchasing your own packing cubes… or if you are like me, just use plastic bags for clothes and zip locks for smaller items. Shoulder Strap – This is a cool feature that I found out I liked more and more as time went on. Simply attach the shoulder strap to the two designated hooks .

Wanted to notify you on that policy! You can’t return swimsuits and acessories, even bags. This was frustrating because the sizing was wrong but I couldnt return it.

And they make bank off us trying to save a buck and we get reamed in the end. Stop spending your money with companies who don’t care about you and don’t have good business practices. On MLKJ Day, they emailed me an ad saying “A DREAM OF BIGGER DISCOUNTS!” Like really?! I immediately asked for a refund and to cancel my order. They refused, saying it was “in transit” yet I could see it hadn’t even left their warehouse to start being shipped yet!