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Our top pick is the Dagne Dover Classic Tote because it moves seamlessly between roles thanks to a sleek coated canvas exterior and compartment-filled interior. Work bags pull double duty — they have to excel in organization, style, and spaciousness to do the job well. Sign in to get your rewards, free shipping and free returns or access your account savings. The Cuyana System Tote is made in a woman-owned factory in Turkey, where craftspeople have produced quality leather goods since the 15th century. The ultimate all-day, everyday companion in bag form, the Cuyana System Tote, is a failsafe option for the always-moving modern woman—conscious and chic.

bellroy tokyo tote review

As on most of the bags we commuted with, the Abbi’s zipper doesn’t create an airtight seal, so water may trickle in from above during a heavy rainstorm. Carrying the bag under your arm should keep out most rainwater when you’re traveling sans umbrella. The Abbi has a minimalist design and a reliable zipper, and it’s easy to carry. One thing that often stops me purchasing a tote is short straps. I prefer to carry them over my shoulder and often find that a full bag with short straps makes for an uncomfortable carry. Whilst I haven’t seen the Tokyo in the flesh the straps look long enough that it will hang comfortably when packed.

At 5’11” myself, I think it would be a little too small as a backpack on anyone much taller. The ideal situation is to buy one bag and be able to use it in multiple ways. The problem is that most 2-way or 3-way bags haven’t very good at even one thing, let alone multiple. Get your questions about the Bellroy Tokyo Totepack answered from our team and the Pro Community right here on the page.

This bag has been designed for utility and ease of use across all facets of life. It’ll sharpen up or dress down for business trips or market days alike. The Bellroy Sling is like a modern-day fanny pack that’s better looking and more versatile. It can be worn across your chest, over your back, or conveniently over your shoulder.

You are signing up to receive product updates and newsletters. By signing up, you are consenting to our privacy policy but you can opt out at any time. This scaled-down tote has surprising organization and flexibility, that helps you move from work to market to weekend, with ease.

The Peak Design Everyday Tote is designed with photo gear in mind but it can work equally well for your everyday essentials too. It can hold up to a 13-inch laptop, and its flip-over design means no raindrops will leak through to damage your gear. It also comes with two carry straps for cinching down items, like a small tripod or light jacket. Most working professionals need a bag to carry their gear to the office, to a coworking space, or across a workplace campus.

For each bag, we evaluated overall quality, durability of the laptop compartments , carrying comfort, weight, and water resistance. Finally, a dozen Wirecutter staffers commuted with the semifinalists for two weeks and then recommended their favorites. Weighing 1.8 pounds, it’s lighter than half the competition, including the Mosiso Laptop Tote Bag and the Dagne Dover Signature Tote , at 2.7 and 3 pounds, respectively. But what really surprised us was that, despite the Tory Burch’s somewhat thin carry handles, it was still comfortable enough for us to carry a day’s commuting gear. The other side is a wall-to-wall zippered pocket, but the material is flimsy and our commuters worried about its long-term durability. “I was super anxious that my keys in my zip pocket would rip through the thin fabric and scratch my computer,” Samina said.

The tote’s handles are thick nylon webbing with dots for traction underneath so it won’t slip off your shoulder. Brands like Dagne Dover, Senreve, and Everlane are changing the game and making it easier to find everyday bags that look good and hold an incredible amount of stuff. Say goodbye to your canvas tote collection with these office-approved carryalls. Ideally, you will give it a quick clean every other day with a soft, dry, or slightly damp cloth. Cuyana recommends that you do a deep clean once or twice a year to remove dirt buildup.